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About Us

As a child, I was surrounded by the love of both my grandmother and great-grandmother. Spending that quality time exposed me to what leisure and fun looked like for seniors at a young age. The comfort and relaxation they found in the simplicity of things resonated with me throughout my adolescence.

That is when my love for senior care was established.


Through the years of volunteering and working in senior care I have realized two things that remain true: as we get older, we seek the comfort of our friends or family and you are never too old to feel young again.

Senior Activity Box

was created in 2020 as a way to provide our seniors with activities in the comfort of their homes.


During the social distancing we went through last year, our elderly community was impacted dramatically by self-isolation. With many recreational activities ending for seniors, it was important for me to create a product that would make distant memories daily habits once again. Through our boxes we hope to create a new habit that will continue every month for your loved one’s enjoyment.

Senior Activity Box is hand crafted each month with new products that help with physical and mental stimulation focusing on three points: creativity, mental games, and practical everyday use.

With Senior Activity Box you are not only sending monthly activities, but you are creating new memories and sharing new experiences. Together we can send joy to your senior’s doorstep.


Warm Wishes,

Senior Activity Box

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